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Police on Long Island step up patrols after Kansas killings

Police are intensifying patrols at religious places of worship this week as Long Islanders of different faiths observe the holidays and in light of Sunday's deadly shootings at two Kansas Jewish centers.

LI police beef up patrols following Kansas killings

Nassau police officials said they planned to intensify patrols at synagogues, churches and other places of worship following Sunday's deadly shootings at two Kansas Jewish centers.

State gives Long Island police Narcan for heroin overdoses

Forty-one law enforcement agencies -- including eight on Long Island -- applied to receive supplies of the lifesaving heroin antidote Narcan during the first week of a new statewide program.

Nitrogen removal improves at LI plants, environmental group says

Long Island's sewage-treatment plants are well on their way toward reducing the amount of harmful nitrogen they emit into the Long Island Sound -- a key first step toward repairing the waterway, an environmental group announced Monday.

Crescent Beach bacteria monitoring could cost $100G, mayor says

The cost of monitoring bacteria at Crescent Beach in Glen Cove may run as high as $100,000, Mayor Reginald Spinello said.

Billy Dean moves to highest court to appeal denial on Wantagh strip club

Strip club owner Billy Dean has turned to the highest court in the state to appeal a court ruling that prevented him from opening a new club in Wantagh, but the Town of Hempstead is urging the court to deny the request.
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Can term limits help minimize the negative effects of partisan redistricting?

open letter-02

Today, we are talking to people about sustainable economic development, because we think it's important to show support for key issues that affect our community - like places in the Elmont for young professionals to live, shop and be entertained; like keeping families closer together and rebuilding the economic and social pillars of the community.

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joe smith

Joe Smith, husband to aid of State Senator Dean Skelos (R), pled guilty to charges related to his attack on Iraq War veteran and small business owner Carl Achille, 30 of Elmont.

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