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A conversation with The Elmont Cardinals Sports Club President, Jon Johnson


Jon JohnsonJon Johnson joined the Elmont Cardinals Football Club family in 2003 and has had a front row seat to the club's recent story.  When Elmont Online talked with Johnson it was clear that he, as current president of the club, was focused on giving the community’s youth after school team sports options that promote the physical, academic and social well-being of young people and the families that are Cardinals.  “One of our goals is to produce more scholar-athletes” said Johnson.

Johnson has been the club’s president since 2005 and has steered the club, with the help of an all volunteer board, through its various ups and downs.   “More ups, thank god” said Johnson.

2014 Board of DirectorsThe club, formed in 1967 as a football club, has a long history of community involvement and represents one of the well established pillars of the community.  After 46 years the club points to numerous football players that have gone on to flourish at Elmont Memorial High School, Sewanhaka High School, Floral Park High School and many other area schools and clubs.  Elmont Cardinals players continue to be the source of athletic success for many area schools.  In fact it is difficult to attend an area sporting event today without bumping into an Elmont Cardinal participating as athlete and /or volunteer.

“As a Cardinal,” said Johnson, “we are focused on increasing the number of scholar athletes for local schools”.  He proudly points to the award-winning Model United Nations Team at Elmont Memorial High School as an example of where Elmont Cardinals players can be found beyond the sports fields. The Elmont Model UN Team, “[t]he China Nine set out to make the community proud and they certainly accomplished that goal.” (read more)

“There are many more examples” says Johnson and he is right.  “Some of the accolades garnered by our Cardinals teams and individual members in football are on display at the Dutch Broadway Sports Complex”.  In addition, the mantles and bookshelves of many homes throughout the community are adorned with trophies, plaques and medals earned by Cardinals children, parents and coaches.

The club has updated its name to “The Elmont Cardinals Sports Club” and is expanding programs to include baseball and basketball.  “Four years ago we expanded to basketball and the program continues to grow every year.  2013 was our most successful.  We had eight (8) full Cardinal teams playing in the Island Garden Annual Fall Basketball League.”

The conversation would not have been complete without noting the 46 year history of Cardinals Cheerleaders.  “We’re so proud of our girls!  Although we enjoy watching them on Sundays cheering proudly and loudly for our teams, we know that they have a lot more to offer.”  The Cardinal organization is actively seeking a Program Director and coaches to help expand its programming for the young ladies to include basketball, softball and lacrosse… “Our goal is to develop the scholar athlete regardless of gender”

The Elmont Cardinals is hosting its 46thAnnual Award Ceremony on February 1st at Antuns.

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-1 # Kurt Michel 2014-01-22 17:00
I have only known Jon for a few years, but his leadership as a role model is what our young adults need in our communities today. As an educator, it is refreshing to see what passion Jon has to help promote opportunity, growth, and success for our aspiring leaders of tomorrow. I am proud of his accomplishments .
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-1 # Miles Eason 2014-01-22 00:06
My opinion is that Jon is the best man for the position he holds. I've known Jon for a few years and I believe that he is a stand up guy. He has a deep and sincere passion for sports and the guidance of kids through sports. All communities could use a guy like this to be a part of.
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0 # Elmont Cardinals! 2014-01-21 00:46
We Love our Board & our President! We do this for the kids! #hardwork! Pride is forever. Pain is temporary! Check us out at ElmontCardinals .com
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0 # Donnell 2014-01-20 22:28
It's good to see Elmont's own grabbing the reins and taking charge. Jon has been a pillar in the community and he is perfect for this position. Him and his children have gone through the system so he knows the ins and outs as a parent, coach and player. I wish him the best of luck in his new position.
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+4 # Tammie Williams 2014-01-20 13:48
What a great reconigition to Coach Jon Johnson and the entire Cardinals Sports Club. It's a vital component to our community. Thank you for giving your time and energy to our children. One man can make a difference and we appreciate you.

#buildingcommun ity #youth #cardinals
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+4 # Ava Walker 2014-01-20 13:38
As a former board member of The Elmont Cardinals for 9 years, I can a test to the dedication and commitment that Jon Johnson gives of himself 110% of the time. When I started in 2004, I had no idea where this organization was headed! Then I met Jon and his vision from day one has always been to provide positive uplifting and rewarding programs for the children of all surrounding neighborhoods. I know and have worked with each of the current board members personally and they all understand and know what it takes to build and sustain an amazing youth sports organization. I am proud to have been apart of such unwavering, tiresome bunch of individuals such as Jon Johnson and the entire 2014 board members! To any parent who decides to join the EC organization, know that you will be joining a family of people who are dedicated to the improvement and well being of your most precious one. My daughter and I are always and forever an Elmont Cardinal fan!!!! Go Cardinals Go!!!!
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