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Face It Girlfriend: I Don’t Think He Loves You


2-women-talking21Girlfriend, I am talking because I am concerned, I don’t think you get it. That so called man that says he loves you has been cheating on you for years. And now he says he wants to marry you, can you really believe him?

Don't you remember when you first dated - he said he loved you and every thing was fine.

Well as time went on and because of progress you changed. You smartened up. Consequently, you began looking different, you began talking different, and you began having an opinion, unfortunately it was different from his.

But instead of trying to work with you, and understand your progress, like an alpha male, he started ignoring you. In fact, there was a time that you did not see him at all. And, interestingly, the only time he comes around now is because he wants something.

Be mindful, after you began looking a bit different, he started spending most of his time with that fair skinned woman from Valley Stream. He started spending his time and your money on her.

Poor thing, you just didn't know. But then when he needed something - he would run back to you saying, don't pay attention to that Valley Stream Girl – “were just friends”. 

And what about that Blond from Franklin Square, you would think he was in love with only her.

Then what about the model from South Valley Stream, you remember her, the one with the fancy car. What about her?

That man has tricked you in the past and like a battered woman - you believe he was going to change. Don't you get it, he might be using you!

You need more - what about that tall sexy woman from West Hempstead; forgot about her? Yeah, well word is, he wants more of her - and certainly less of you.

Embarrassingly, this man has gone so far as to go to court to get away from you – do you think he is really going change? Are you kidding yourself, I just don’t know?

From my point of view it seems like he is getting rid of you and his exs-from BelleRose and South Floral Park.

I have great concerns, remember his friend, Mr. Sanitation Frisco. Oh my God!! Mr. Frisco called you a pig in your face! He said get on the back of the bus! What? Did I hear right? Is this 1955 Alabama?


And when you told your man about his friend, sadly, he didn't believe you. It wasn't until you got Frisco on tape twice, then he started to change his tune.

But his tune didn’t change much because all he could come up with was a limp statement, "Sanitation Frisco is not my friend, anymore". Well, should you believe him? I don't know has your boyfriend misled you before?

Unfortunately, I feel your boyfriend doesn’t get it. In my opinion, a good boy friend, doesn’t want bad blood between his girl and his friend. What your boyfriend should have done was have Sanitation Frisco apologize. You were violated and your dignity was lost.

If Sanitation Frisco has problems with anger and problems with women – then maybe, your boyfriend should have gotten his friend to therapy. That way at least we know it won’t happen again. But I guess that is the point; your boyfriend doesn’t get it.

Think about it, he tells everybody he wants to marry you, but I seen the papers on his lawyer’s desk. After he gets what he wants from you, he is going to divorce you and take your integrity with him.

Face it Elmont; I don’t think John loves you, anymore. As soon as he is elected to office he said it, he will vote to redistrict himself out. Then I wonder will Elmont be a hashed up old maid with no one to love?

You gave that man all those years and now that you have tanned - he is going to leave?

Elmont I think it is time to find a new man!!! It is time to get your groove back!!!

Girl, my advice to your boy friend is, “he is going to lose you, unless he smartens up”. If he wants you back, he needs to promise not to leave you, and he must find a way to romance the hell out of you!!! And, please girl, don’t settle for some cheap roses; hold out for the “bling-bling”.

Remember love is an act, and; not a feeling!!!

How will you rule Mr. Politics?

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.
-Adolph Hitler-

I am not interested in power for power sake but in power that is moral, that is right, that is good.
-Martin Luther King Jr-

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
-Albert Einstein-

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0 # Pat Nicolosi 2011-10-29 17:53
Friends are not fighting with friends and Elmont isn't comming apart. NO, NO, NO!!! Elmont has just seen something very ugly and real and now we are united more than ever. What we are saying is: Enough is Enough, don't try and tell us this didn't happen, or that some way or some how a young lady was at fault. Voting for change is a good thing and no one should be afraid of change. Remember we get to vote every year. The only way we keep Elmont whole is to vote for change.
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0 # Ginou 2011-10-28 09:27
Ha, Ha, Ha this article is hilarious. I love it, come on Sexy Ciotti romance us. Show us your Viagra or else we are going for the younger newer model, LOL!!!
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0 # עוד יהודית 2011-10-28 06:46
@Lisa that was a very thoughtful comment in that you showed that Elmont is not divided rather outsiders seek to divide Elmont. Also, the author touched on a very good point, racism is not an evil but a symptom. A symptom of an underlying psychological illness. As such, the Sanitation Department should have him psychologically evaluated and drug tested. He might be a walking time bomb. The Sanitation Department, Political Campaigns, and Political Parties are on notice, now if he does anything that harms anyone, the Sanitation Dept, any Political Campaign and any Political Party can be held financially liable. Sexual Harassment, violating Civil Rights, negligent hiring, Assault, Battery...etc. Sanitation Prisco is now Nuclear. All attorneys seeking a huge pay day, pray for Prisco's return. $$$
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0 # Rick 2011-10-27 21:14
This sort of poor behavior by people outside of Elmont is tearing our community apart. Friends fighting friends, neighbors fighting neighbors. What will Elmont be like after the elections.
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0 # Lisa 2011-10-27 15:01
That bully should apologize, I seen the video on youtube. He is not even from Elmont. Ciotti is a good man and Elmont is a good place. It is trash from outside of Elmont that causes the trouble. Keep the trash out.
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