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The American Dream


whitepicketfenceWhen families move to Elmont, many move with the American Dream in mind. They move to live in fully detached houses with a one or two car garage, 2.5 children, a dog and a white picket fence.

It appears to the recently gerrymandered community of Elmont that local politicians and some misguided community activists have added, “and a casino in the backyard” to the American dream.

Let’s be clear, casinos appeal to vice – to human frailty! What would suggest to politicians like Martins, Ambrosino, Mangano and others, that unlike them, the average Elmont resident embraces the newly defined American dream as one that includes “a casino in the backyard?”

Let’s be clear, a casino in Elmont is a precursor to prostitution, the occasional murder and dramatic riots, as are evident at Aqueduct’s Resort World Casino a mere 9 miles away.

Like the ill-conceived “Cosmos Soccer Field of Dreams” the Elmont casino must not stand!

It is true that when well trained horses are ridden around an oval and spectators bet on the outcome that that is indeed gambling. But horse racing is seasonal and episodic, and a casino is not. It will likely be open for unrest 24/7/365.

Say NO to the casino by calling Elmont Online at 516.325.1599. Voice YOUR concerns and leave your name and a contact number.

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0 # Margaret Walker, MSW 2016-02-15 01:50
I'd like more information regarding the pudding kitty of a casino at Belmont. Please contact me at the above email address or by phone at 416.567.9488.

As a resident of Elmont, I would very much like to get all the facts so I may make a clear and thoughtful choice regarding this matter.

Thank you,
M. Walker, MSW
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+1 # Ali A Mirza 2016-01-15 18:30
the reason I asked you the above question is to remind everyone of what the Elmont community had decided for itself under the umbrella organization of "Elmont Coalition For Sustainable Development". Thank you.
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+1 # Ali A Mirza 2016-01-15 10:11
Dear Mr. Aubrey Phillips: I hope you would remember that Elmont came together and spoke with ONE VOICE as to what the residents want, when - working with Sustainable Long Island, the entire community came together and developed a comprehensive Plan for Elmont's future through a visioning process. They put in a hard work of more than a year in doing so. It has almost been a DECADE since then. What happened? And what lessons - if any, have we learned from that? Sincerely, Ali Mirza
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0 # Teresa Imperato 2016-01-15 09:37
These politicians are throwing us under the bus. OTB hasn't made a profit in years--so getting a cut of the profits is a bad bet if you ask me. Any % of zero is still $0. And if we're "lucky enough" to get the traffic at Aqueduct, maybe there will be some money but we'll get shootings and riots too. So that money will be needed to beef up the police. All the while, our property values plummet, we get under water on our mortgages, overpaying for homes in a deflated market where no one wants to live, fearing for the safety of our kids. In Mangano's 2016 budget, his executive letter talks about all the biotech companies and healthcare dollars he's bringing in to Nassau county. With average salaries of $100k. But not a peep in that letter about VLT casinos. Where are our $100k jobs? What about a real revitalization plan that will create long term growth for this area? These guys prey on the weak to bolster richer communities and line their own pockets. It's shameful.
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