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A selection of links that are all related to the broad interests of the Elmont community.

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1   Link   Voter Registration
Qualifications To Register To Vote

- be a U.S. citizen;
- be 18 years old by December 31 of the year in which you file this form (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote);
2   Link   Medicare
Provided here as service to our seniors on fixed imcome and their relatives
3   Link   New York State Sex Offender Information
The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of the sex offender registration law and how the public can obtain information about sex offenders.
4   Link   Immigrant's Journal
"For many years, new immigrants to the United States have been misinformed, embezzled and denied opportunities because of lack of creditable publications geared towards new immigrants. The conditions of the industry today is such that most local maga
5   Link   New York State Insurance Fraud
Report Insurance Fraud:

NYSIF's 2003 fraud detection efforts led to
more than $17.67 million in restitution,
additional premium and potential savings.
6   Link   Why Tuesday
A grassroots movement to change election day and repair our democracy
7   Link   Democracy Now
Independent Unembeded media, The exception to the rulers
8   Link   Library of Congress
"more than a library"
9   Link   Autism Information
Autism Speaks is dedicated to helping families find answers. But neurological disorders are complex, and autism won’t yield its secrets without a struggle.
10   Link   Contact Nassau County
Links to the contact us page of the website.
11   Link   Consumer Reports
12   Link   Nassau Suggestion Box
With Suggestion Box, citizens can:

Educate themselves about the issues facing Nassau County
Submit ideas to improve country government
Vote and comment on the ideas they like or dislike
Learn about the candidates running for office
Participate in weekly straw polls on current issues
Easily learn how to contact their local representatives
Our goal is the development of a public forum where citizens can learn about important policy issues in Nassau County and let their ideas and views be known.
13   Link   Biography of Blind Tom Bethune
Safely tucked away in a few scattered archives across the nation are pages of sheet music--compositions with titles such as "Battle of Manassas" and "Virginia Polka" that are dormant testimony to the life of the child named Tom who composed them ...
14   Link   Elmont Community Awareness Program

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